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Jindal also commented that there is a “silent war” on religious liberty.
There certainly is, its called a holy Jihad of Atheism against anything religion, conducted by the militant wing called the ACLU and their cohorts in various western countries.

“I am tired of the left. They say they’re for tolerance, they say they respect diversity. The reality is this: They respect everybody unless you happen to disagree with them,” he said. “The left is trying to silence us and I’m tired of it, I won’t take it anymore.”

Just look at what happened to former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich and the Benham brothers if you need evidence of that.
Yep, McCarthy had nothing on the left, its why their so viral against him, it works. Its like everything else on the left, smoke and mirrors.

Don't do this as people should be free to think what they like, truth, they intimidate and howl down anyone who has a different view. Oh right wing dictators are evil, truth, the greatest atrocities known to man where committed by left wing dictators and their ideologies.

The greatest threat known isn't Islam or their extremists, its the threat within, left wing wacko's. Until we stand up and pull our heads out of our @rses and call them on their misinformation we will keep getting screwed over.
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