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You asked "and if bin Laden were an American?"

I'd be just as happy with the result of the raid as actually happened.

A raid was conducted to apprehend him. He died resisting. He died while fighting American forces. Game on and he lost.

I'd have no problem if al Awalaki (sp?) were zapped while emplacing an IED.

He was killed, on Presidential orders, while riding in a pick-up. As was his 16 yr old son.

Again, no real tears as the terrorist was definitely scum, and his son likely was being raised as the same.

But Barry, acting as President, Legislature, and Judicial, ordered the deliberate killing of an American citizen. One, when so killed, was not engaged in combat with American or allied forces.

A military tribunal, a verdict, and a firing squad and I'd be happy. With the President simply ordering the death of an American, I get skittish about the whole "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" guarentees.

If Barry can order this, why can't he order others? Given his track record regarding the abuse of government towards his political opponents, is it that far-fetched to ponder "what if?"

And if not Barry, what about the next guy? The precedent has been set and history shows that such power grabs are rarely, if ever, checked, only expanded.
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