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A "productivity bonus" when applied to an industry equals more production of the manufactured goods which equals more profit for the Industrialist and his shareholders, more tax paid and more employment because the industry flourishes, the Country flourishes and governments flourish with more cash to spend on their constituents.

A "productivity bonus" when applied to a Bureaucracy equals more paperwork, more prosecutions for regulatory offences, more fines, more tax, more people employed to oversee those in the lower levels of the triangle, more costs to industry, more government burden, less money to spend on constituents, oh! and more trips to overseas troughs, 5 star hotels and first class travel.

In "the real world, if the bloke up the road is doing better than you in his fish and chip shop, you either give a better product, give a better service or drop your prices.

In the "fairyland" of fort fumble if you aren't making enough money, you simply put your prices up because you have a monopoly or ask the government to give you more to keep your little empire going. Some governments waste money pandering to these parasites, some more than others.

In both cases money is finite. I guess it's how you spend it.

Dick is a good bloke, he's already said he doesn't want into this theatre of fools any more, but tell us Pete, what would YOU do?

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