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junior jocks

Well kiddies most of you missed the point entirely...it being that your slovenly appearance and disrespectful attitude has migrated to the way you now 'conduct business'. A/P.. A/T off means hands control both aircraft and thrust or at least guard the A/T...ready to react during the only phase of flight where you're actually assumed to be 'in control' and doing something. I know you've spent vast amounts of time scathing through the skies in your one-handed cessnas but all 'real' airlines flying big jets require the minimum of professionalism which a surprisingly large number of you sorely lack.
No..you're not the red hot aviators you believe you are..it's the combination of great automated machinery and someone else taking all the responsibility that have lulled you into just thinking you are.
Go home crying to mummy and get your nails polished when you blow the command you feel you're entitled to....wankers!
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