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This is all part of rapid fire cost cutting initiatives aimed at taking $2 billion in costs out of the airline over the next three years as it seeks to stem the flow of losses from its international division and revive the performance of its domestic operations.
In the first six months of the 2014 financial year the airline lost $250 million and there are expectations that the full year loss could hit a mammoth $1 billion.
Qantas has undertaken two debt issues over the past month in order to pay down more short term debt and is expected to bolster its cash levels via the partial sell down of its Frequent Flyer loyalty business.
It appears they are pulling all the levers at once all of a sudden... of course they will say it is all part of the big plan.. so far slow and poorly executed.. in seems the drip drip of bad news just rolls on and on...

Must be a horrible place to work at present... stress city.. so sad, and all so unnecessary..

Just love the QF pop up ads on the SMH website - Its all about more destinations!!!!!!

Get real - talk about misleading!!!
says it all.. a great example, of how to mask what is really going on..
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