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PF, In response to your earlier post about the availability of other helicopter refueling places, are you aware that it can take up to half an hour to get in and out of EGCN by helicopter? Also, it costs a couple of hundred quid for mandatory handling, btw. There is no Jet A1 at EGNF or Derby. Handling agent is mandatory at EMA.

Sheffield heliport would work, especially if they could do RRRFs. It's conveniently placed, OCAS and in the right place for helicopters needing to top up to maintain an IFR fuel reserve at either end of the country. It is also very conveniently placed to serve a major city, i.e. Sheffield itself.
Dream on,

Perhaps the reason it costs a couple of hundred quid at DSA is because business is so p1ss poor they need every penny from any passing sucker ... Of course business at a re-opened Sheffield will be so good they'll be able to pay all the bills just from the margin they make from the fuel, they won't be charging any additional "quids"

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is no Jet A1 at EGNF or Derby because there is no market for it, that there are no passing helicopters asking "Have you got any Jet A1 please?"

Dream on ...
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