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A regulator, some dollars and some Dick

Hi Dick. I quite like you these days mate, so I'm not goin to rip into you, however your cost cutting was flawed in some areas, particularly in regard to the amount of aerodrome inspectors you had in the crosshairs. There is still a shortfall in the inspectorate to this very day....that's my only gripe buddy.

On a seperate note the pendulum has swung the other way and today's CAsA is short staffed in numerous areas, and the Consultant expenditure is huge. Then again that's how the accountants and spin doctors like to massage things, as long as actual staff numbers are low they really don't care how much money is blown on Consultants etc, 'top up' manpower if you want to call it that. Sunfish will have a term for that little smoke and mirrors trick, my business acumen falls short in that area.

Footnote: Perhaps if Dick came back and managed CAsA as if it was one His businesses we would end up with a financially sound Regulator, efficient, innovative, adapts to change and hell even turns a profit which is reinfused back into the industry it has helped kill?

"Safe skies are definitely not CAsA skies"
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