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According to the CEO they only want young pilots:
"I believe that it is absolutely vital to easyJet’s future that we have a pipeline of talented young pilots coming through which is why I am delighted we are now working in partnership with CTC Aviation and Middlesex University to offer a degree course for our pilots."
dontforgetthecowls; you're taking his words far too literally and out of context here, don't you think?

Firstly, he says that "talented young pilots" are "vital" to easyjet's future, but from these words alone it doesn't follow that they do not want guys who are not so young too; and therefore it can't be concluded that they only want young pilots. Furthermore; young is a relatively subjective term. To some people, someone who is in their early thirties is considered young. And finally, I sense from his words that he's using the term "talented young pilots" as a figure of speech.
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