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Fruet Mich:

Qantas needs a change of direction at the top. Unfortunately, the management at Qantas strongly believe you can operate a low cost carrier in unison to your full cost carrier. It has been a total failure, no full cost/low cost airline has ever worked before, and is certainly never going to work here. You simply cannot expect your premium passenger to board a low cost carrier which has replaced your premium service. It's time to fall on his sword and except it was a gamble that just didn't pay off, lesson learnt, move on and rebuild with a new strategy before it's too late.
A very simple and currently insoluble problem: Who is going to bell the cat?

The past and current Board and Senoir managment invested in the Jetstar strategic direction. The current CEO is the architect of Jetstar and arguably knows nothing but low cost carrier tactics anyway.

The simple fact is that anyone in QF management who questions that strategic direction is going to be fired or at best marginalised.

This is "group think" at its worst, they do not want to hear, they do not want questions or heart searching.

What happens next is either the sale of assets like the frequent flyer scheme to keep the strategy alive a little longer, or Alan has to go.
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