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I've just been through the CTC assessment day and have heard that I'm on the shortlist! I thought I'd drop a dump of info that I know here in the hope someone finds in useful.
Essentially the day is split up into two halves, morning is "Stage 2" of assessment and comprises of aptitude, group excercises and maths. Standard stuff. You are informed of the results at lunchtime then progress to "Stage 3" which is an interview with either CTC assessor or an easyJet assessor, doesn't make any difference which. They then let you know by email/phone the next working day as to your results. If you pass stage 3 then they place you on a shortlist from which they will select the 36 candidates they want. From the looks of it there weren't many assessment days and one of the other candidates said that they were only interviewing candidates until the end of this week!

Start dates are July, August and September, with the July one starting on the 21st. Has anyone else heard back yet?
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