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There are rumours circulating that things are grim in Singapore from pilots flying around Asia. A couple of years ago Jetstar Asia was being propped up by Jetstar in Australia to the tune of 20 million per year. Anecdotal evidence suggests the new Jetstar 787 service from Brisbane to Bali is bleeding big time with sub 100 passenger loads being the norm.
Interesting. I have always doubted that this would work. The market before they started BNEDPS was VA with ~10 weekly 737 & GA just starting up with a daily 737. Assume 150 seats max (I'd imagine this sector would have load limits for a 737??), JQ comes along with a 787 that seats ~330 and totally floods the market.

As well, the nature of the market most likely means that they wouldn't pay more for a 787.
Big brother QF on the other hand has clapped out 744 and 333 aircraft on the HKG/SIN runs and anecdotal evidence suggests that loads are hurting..
Imagine where QF would be if they were marketing these brand new 787s in mainline colours against SQ and CX.. to a market who is prepared to pay a price premium for service, safety and new aircraft.
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