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Changes after AF447

As a colleague of mine use to say , in this field the improvements are often written in blood. Maybe it is worth to try here to review what changes was eventually written in the blood of AF447 228 souls.. (industrywide!) . Certainly many of the posters and followers of this forum are interested, and after all it is muchmore important for the industry than “witch hunts and conspiracy circularthoughts” .

In the immediate aftermath of disaster there were of coursechanges in training programs, an AD that imposed the change of pitots, even a change of the the UAS procedure and more .. And later there were perhaps other, introduced more orless quietly.
For example in 5 years it was time for more software updates, butdoes someone know whether Airbus did changed the marvelous pieces of logicwhich allowed FD to step in by itself in a changed mode after a clear condition of “FD- off; AP - off”, or the THS to run to thenose-up limit in the same time with SW, or SW to be disabled in a full stalledplane, at FL >100, with a full working AOA vane?
And such other maybe... - things surfaced in this tragedy and and that would be a shame for the industry to remain unchanged…
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