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TIGER & JETSTAR both require you to be type rated on A320 before you start. It would be smart to budget 2 months without pay for endorsement & a start date.

JETSTAR type rating approximately $38,000. TIGER don't mind where you source your type rating (significant saving possible).

JETSTAR A330/B787 add approximately 10 percent to A320 wages.

CAUTION - All new starters with JETSTAR are "flex-time". Flex-time is a 75% salary & overtime threshold drops from 75 hrs to 62 hrs. Full time is offered once a percentage cap is reached (10%). Time to full time is anyones guess with movement slowing this year.

JETSTAR EBA is expired and pilots have been told the QF group pay freeze applies until the group returns to profit.

Could someone confirm or disprove the rumour that JETSTAR NZ pilots now make more than JETSTAR AU?

Could someone supply similar accurate numbers (Base, EFA, Bonus & Estimated Earnings) for Virgin EMB, 737, A330 and QANTAS 737?

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