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004 # 761-"Speaking of budgets, I believe the following will be announced in regards to CAsA's budget tomorrow night by Smoking Joe Hockey and Mathias von Dutch;"
How about a privatised ASA?, that will be fun. Never get Hoody out of the golden handcuffs then, shame really. Or:

Serious cost cutting measures and a general 'clean out' with >20 < 30 "voluntary" redundancies. Or:

Leasing buildings not being used - to recover the costs of renting space, air conditioning it, and leaving it to the mice, rats and cockroaches, who really need the security service provided.

But Mr Hockey, the pot plants must stay (you know why) and PAWS needs another couple of million thrown at it and the consultants budget must not be tinkered with. Under no circumstances must the 'reg re-write' funding be cut; what the hell will those dependant on it do, wander aimlessly about the building making work?

PS. We hid your share of the $89 millions under one of the pot-plants; go get it tiger.

Toot toot.

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