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Budget Blues for Fort Fumble?

Poor D8, I likes the bloke I does. He must have been working in Russia or been incarcerated in the big house for the past 5 or so years?? (probably a minor aviation crime such as forgetting to cross a 't' in his logbook, or failing to adequately address the root cause on an NCN response? There is so much for him to catch up on, no fears my friend, keep reading and ye shall learn!
But it is amusing to finally see some airing of Tezza's activities as well as the GWM's. Even Calder and Harbor get a mention, lots of stories amongst that lot, hahaha.

Speaking of budgets, I believe the following will be announced in regards to CAsA's budget tomorrow night by Smoking Joe Hockey and Mathias von Dutch;

  • Embargo on Montreal trips. A limit of 5 trips per calendar year per Executive.
  • All pot plants in all offices are to be replaced with plastic ones. No ceramic pots will be allowed in Herr Skull's office after a risk assessment was conducted on the risk of facial injuries from flying pot plants came in at a 5B (based on the ICAO risk matrix)
  • The merger of TRIM and Sky Sentinel to create one mega deficient I.T system.
  • A380 endo's will not be given to employees 70 years of age and older (that rules out 80% of the retirement village staff)
  • Operator audits will be undertaken via Skype and video conferencing to save money and ensure enough coin remains available for executive bonuses
  • The Brisbane field office worm farm will be sold off and the proceeds used to top up the executives meagre pay freezes.
  • Renaming of CAsA to CAA and the removal of the letter 's' will save money in printing costs in those glossy Board written brochures.
  • Staff will no longer be given those snazzy blue Fort Fumble ties.
More to follow..............

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