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W8 discovers the GWM.

W8 # 757 "I am still sitting here stunned."
Is the Golden West Mafia worried (GWM) after years of supreme control; hand picked, carefully groomed catamites slobbering on their boots, all happy to be willing accomplices to whatever embuggerance, dastardly plan or cover up was deemed required? They should be. While McComic has been the overseer of some of the most intriguing passages of play in the history of Australian aviation, one of the most troubling elements is the GWM ability to orchestrate them; either by subverting, intimidating, financially bludgeoning or 'legally' manipulating any opposition into silence.

There are, tragically, only two camps; 'the boys' and the silent drones. The silent drones are interesting; seeking only a quiet life through a well paid, pensioned position. They know what's going on; but, out of fear and/or self interest are happy to sit back and go with the flow. Both groups, in their own way are disgusting creatures. They are probably one of the reasons the miniscule does not want to retrospectively "fight the old battles" if the public ever got wind of the antics at Sleepy Hollow- only the gods know where the political carnage would stop. Don't forget Truss had this knowledge in 2008 and there is nothing new in the 2014 'review', except more people saying the same thing. Never doubt why 260 + submissions to the WLR have been buried under a shroud of carefully penned words.

If the Senate can ever wrest any form of genuine inquiry away from the clutches of the GWM and the influence of murky Machiavellian minds; the place to start would be the ex employee files; it's not just Hart, Hood, Quinn and Vaughan who have the wood on the GWM, there are many others; what a session that would be.

Do not envy the new DAS; that's quite a housekeeping job. Whoever takes it on must be the right fellah, the voluntary resignations and 'retirements' list will eloquently tell the tale. A period of trust and progress must, by default follow.

Aye well, it's in the lap of the gods now; lets hope the 'gods' make the right choice this time and give us someone with the balls, brains and integrity to weed out the GWM and it's sycophantic followers. Expect the worst, hope for the best and never quit.

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