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Unfortunately, that's not one of mine, but a shot taken and uploaded to airliners.net, copyright Gareth Horne, which I "borrowed". I've a few good Albert shots from my days as a GE, but not many to do with Air displays. I could bore the pants off most with Albert photographs. I started my RAF career, out of Halton in 1971 on the aircraft, was injured in a flying accident during GW1 in an Albert, and was employed to my medical discharge date on Albert. I regard myself as lucky in working on a great aircraft, with seriously professional crews and top ground support. Only people who have experienced a long time on the RAF Hercules fleet will know what I mean. Oops, perhaps a tadge sentimental. Here's one of mine;

Winter deployment Norway, many moons ago. The big tall bloke is the boss of Hereford. He's talking to our small Captain, who was a giant in his own way. Me, I went to get warm in the tower, hence the snap.


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