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Heston - your quote made me smile. Apart from the fact that I never knew they painted the pedals, the (limited number of) planes I have been in have such shiny, smooth pedals that a) it is hard to see whether they say "Piper" or "Cessna"; and b) my wet shoe slipped once and there we were turning off to the right on the ground due to the lack of traction, fortunately, it wasn't on the take-off roll.

Falcons11 - Most schools seem to have C152, 172 and PA28 so you could always start in the C152 and if it is really uncomfortable, upgrade to the roomier and slightly costlier aircraft.

I just did the conversion to the PA28 and discovered that apart from "looking the business" vs a C152, space, speed, instruments, fuel pump etc. it is quite a stable plane and you need less rudder input to coordinate turns than a C152. So on the one hand, if I had done my training in the PA28, I would have more experience in it (and spent more money due to training delays due weather), but at the same time, I discovered to my surprise that I have some wierd soft spot for the C152 (battered though they may have been) as you kind of have to work at it to make it do what you want (not sure if this makes sense or just sounds like some hippy rambling).

Ultimately, whilst it would be nice(r) to fly in new(er) aircraft, training for the PPL is a means to an end.

Happy to talk more about TPC, but perhaps PM me. At the end of the day, TPC or elsewhere, most schools around London seem to have a good rep so it is down to chemistry with the instructor (and the plane which was one of your original comments I think!)
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