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"Sleep in peace victims - I fear there are more to come."

not so negative Ned . .. . . . . even though the entrails
point to some ill portents . . . let us try to be
a little less chicken little

not wanting to rehash the detail of this awful prang, except
to wonder, entirely rhetorically, to what degree the PIC
might be said to have allowed, subconsciously possibly,
his own idea of safety margins, matched to his competency,
to be eroded.

we strive to be safe . . . to never lose sight of the main game
...... to know the book . . . (even if the rules are poorly framed and implemented) . . .. but there is always the possibility that
an unforeseen trap is there to ensnare and disconbobulate.

(TE 901 . . Mount Erebus . .. . Captain Jim Collins . . .. . .
for some fits this hypothesis perfectly.)


one popular ARIA (always remembered instructors' advice) went -

"absence of body can be preferable to presence of mind"

which fits pretty well if you decide you'd rather not risk it at all

The presence of mind and the skill
of Captain Hal Rowell in his MMA F28
one night at Fitzroy Crossing in 1971
has gone down in the annals
of supreme airmanship.


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