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sea oxen
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I can echo Corsican's comments about TPC. You'd be hard-pressed to find a finer bunch of people.

A 152 is a tight fit if you are over 6', yes. I found the biggest impediment was getting my feet on the right levers on the ground. But my instructor was also 6'2" and he had no trouble. So it was me, not my legs.

I suggest you listen, though, to the counsel of pilots around you - I am not one of them, having stopped training because I simply don't have time. But when I did? I'd have jumped in anything airworthy.

When you say 'awesome' - are you certain that you want that? Would that rule out your landing being crap being described so? I'd prefer an instructor questioning my sanity after some of the things I did. Your instructor should be someone you learn from and aim to please, not someone you like on Facebook.

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