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The worse thing that Oklahoma has when it comes to these wildfires are cedar trees. During dry spells, a single spark, carried by the wind, can cause a cedar tree to literally explode, sending more sparks/burning embers into the wind, to be carried to more cedar trees.

Aerial observation is vital when fighting these fires, as there is no telling where another outbreak of fire will happen caused by these exploding cedar trees, due to sparks and burning embers carried by the wind.

More than a few time fire crews have nearly been trapped, but for warnings from the observation aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopter. Yesterday a CL-44 water bomber arrived from Canada to assist in fighting these fires. The National Guard's helicopters are doing a hell of job fighting these fires, but they are stretched to the limit and needed additional help. Therefore the Governor used special use tax funds to pay for the CL-44.

We're forecast to have heavy rain starting Thursday, so if the forecast is correct, this will put out all the wildfires.

But as bad as it is, these fires can in no way compare to the fires in Australia.

And quite right LSM, I should have said downwind.

On a personal note, on my sonís land he has removed all of the cedar trees on his property, has clear cut a large area around the house he is building and all of the out buildings. But just in case, he bought an old tanker truck and has it filled with water, with a spray nozzle on the back of the tank, which will allow him to soak the grass around his buildings.
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