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Once upon a time, when their Airships were trying to sort out a "modern" multi-role combat aircraft and eye-watering amounts of money were being proffered, the acronym MRCA was modified by some wag(s) to mean "Must Refurbish Canberras Again". The MRCA eventually became the Tornado variants.

Recently I've heard a lot about MRSA, apparently free to selected patients of the NHS and private medical facilities in UK.

Might it also stand for "Must Refurbish Shackletons Again", there were 4xAEW variants corroding quietly at Paphos, others allegedly in USA and a pristine example in the endangered Manchester Museum of Science and Industry?

No more ridiculous a suggestion than the one which proceeded to fruition in the form of the AEW Nimrod, One Thousand Million Pounds down the drain in the 90s, before we applied fact, logic and reasoning and plumped for the E3A.

Whoever said there is no money might like to read "Burning Our Money" by Mike Denham and reassess the possibilities?

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