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Question West London Flying Schools - Aircraft Age

Hi all,

I am going to start training for my PPL (a path I know many members here have trodden and so I hope can impart their knowledge).

I am looking into flying schools around West London, so probably those based at:
  • Fairoaks
  • Denham
  • White Waltham

I could not see anyone at the TfL Flying Club (on this Sunny Sunday!!), so I saw:

  • West London Aero Club
  • Pilot School
  • Synergy

What really struck me is that the age of the aircraft looked almost as old as me.
Are there any schools with newer airframes?

The engines and other parts might be less than 30 years old, but when you are spending that much on something you would have rather feel like you are getting your money's worth. Sure these planes are airworthy, but in same way you would rather not drive a Datsun Sunny from the 70s or 80s, I rather not fly a PA28 from then.

BTW, I am quite tall so could not really fit in a C-152, was looking at either a PA28 or C-172. It appears most PA28s are 161 Warrior IIs. They've been making Warrior IIIs (confusingly also PA28-161) since the mid-90s, so some of those will soon be 20 years old!
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