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"considerable discretion in regard to the intent of the regulations and what is acceptable for compliance"

Ah, but Sunny my dear fellow, CAsA deliberately writes the rules this way.

Its called "employment"

Cant have these aviation folks actually understanding the rules, no no no wouldn't do at all. If they understood them CAsA wouldn't have to employ all these lawyers to write them.

Then of course look how CAsA absorbs so much dead wood from the industry not to mention the ones that reach the end of the line from the Military.

I mean where else would these poor fellows get a job?

CAsA can happily leave it up to them to work out the "intent of the regulations", bit frustrating for the poor old operator I know, having a manual compliant today and its not tomorrow, but it adds up to many chargeable hours so CAsA can employ lots more industry rejects and ex RAAF people as more and more of the new unintelligible rules come on line and need interpreting.

Jobs for everybody, don't you see that's the goal.

We are rapidly approaching the point where we wont have an industry at all, so CAsA, ever looking towards the future, has already solved the problem it created.

Forget about the "Industry", never was much money in it anyway.

We can all go and work for CAsA.

Think how easy things would be!!

No competency or productivity issues.

Never have to mention that word "Safety" again.

No industry winging all the time. buggered up lunch afternoons "Consulting"

Public service Lurks and perks.

The lawyers can happily go on churning out new regulations, CAsA staff can go on interpreting them, senior management can go on smoke and mirroring the Pollies, and the punters can go on cheap foreign airlines...they'll never notice the difference anyway and there has to be something for all the parasitic industries that have grown off the back of aviation to feed off, hell there would be riots in Lakemba if the mascot security industry was shut down, and how the hell else could the baggage handlers distribute their "stuff"?

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