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Originally Posted by Haroon
Sorry Hazel I am unable to understand from that. Approach climb is not an issue here. Both conditions are in Performance Dispatch and related to Landing Climb.
I'm suggesting that the term "Landing Climb Limit Weight" is a misnomer. The correct term would be "Maximum Landing Weight Limited by Climb Requirements", or in short "climb-limited landing weight".

As explained in post#4 the climb-limited landing weight must meet two separate climb requirements (*):

(a) The all-engines-operating landing climb requirement is not affected by the inability to retract the gear.

(b) The one-engine-inoperative approach climb requirement, with the flaps 'one notch up' from the landing configuration, is normally met with gear up, but that changes to gear down if the gear cannot be retracted. Since that requirement is more restrictive than the landing climb requirement, the climb-limited landing weight is lower than in the normal configuration.

Apparently '8che' has withdrawn his assertion that the approach climb requirement is never limiting on the triple-7.

(*) Each of the two requirements has its own specification of configuration, airspeed and thrust. It is not correct to assume a change of configuration between the two conditions.
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