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"re the Flashback"

"Note: Just out of interest I decided to explore our ANZAC ‘brothers in arms’ over the ditch and how they sort out compliance with the ICAO Annexes, in particular Annex 6. Here is what I found ‘Click Here’.

Very user friendly they even have a web page devoted to ICAO Compliance……yet another tick for the Kiwi system! "

But didn't McComic just say we couldn't have workable regulations like the Kiwi's that actually improve safety, because they don't comply with ICAO???? Please don't tell me Mr. McComic is telling Fibs! or is he practicing because he plans to enter Parliament when he retires from FF. Someone should tell him you don't need to be like a lawyer to be a politician, your lying doesn't have to be that convincing.
Oh Minister Miniscule you really need to take the S out of their name, now surely that cant be that hard can it??

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