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Whasat, a HR200? I learnt to fly on these too. Outstanding choice of trainer. Far better than a Cesspot 150. So, I assume yours is at Sywell NSoF?


a. Yup. And?

b. Hmmm, you speak yoda I think.

c. Tips for what?

Not quite sure what your problem is exactly.

To enter glide, pull throttle off, roughly three quick flicks backwards on that wonderful trim wheel and sink like a stone (well 700fpm) at 75 knots.

The HR200 doesn't have wonderful glide performance. You have to think quick for a glide approach or PFL, but this focuses your mind. Better to do this then go on to a floaty Warrior, than vice versa.

As for employing flaps, this is not a HR200-related issue. Okay, they're electric and may take 2 seconds to deploy. When and where is a decision you have to make based on your height and speed. The HR200 slips wonderfully. I love the stick-rudder co-ordination. Bear this in mind.

She can be a wee sod to trim properly in thermal acitvity. Keep an eye on the height during the skills test (but the examiner won't neccesarily fail you for it).

Dig out the school's HR200 Flight Manual and give it a read.

Any questions?


HR200 and DR221. Why does my logbook smell of garlic?
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