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Misterblue - you have my deepest sympathy. I had a full on "half moon" attack around my chest in 2003, the scars are still visible & the resulting pain was horrendous - I reckon I slept for about 30mins in 2 weeks. Thank heavens I have a loving & understanding wife.
Initially my doc just prescribed over the counter drugs, but after 2 days when I was screaming in agony I was prescribed some really whacky opiate based pain killers & other drugs to kill the virus. I also attended a pain clinic & was given an industrial sized TENS machine (note to self - be careful with the power control - I knocked the control accidentally once to full power & was jumping around the room as if I was getting jolts from the electric chair before I could turn it down
Although not a commercial pilot, I was off work for a month & off (private) flying for 3 months while the drugs dispersed out of my body. Even now there are times when the itching returns (I liken it to having ants crawling around my body then suddenly stinging en-mass).
Good luck
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