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come on my advice was to consulate a doctor before taking it.

I Also warned that the dosage of it is particularly individual.

I didn't give any numbers which people might think would work for them but are particular to a 100kg rugby player.

The fact is until you over load the liver paracetamol just gets metabolised then there is a very fine individual band when its full effects come into play. Screw that up and you 3-5 days in agony dying.

But you really need to be in the hands of a knowledgeable professional for it to be of any real use. And that doesn't include most of the doctors and dentists who advise people to take it.

Personally I consider it to be a high risk pharmaceutical to have in the house and I just don't process it. And I avoid any over the counter medications that contain it for colds etc.

So to me advising anyone to take the stuff without warning them of the potential overdose issues is a bit naughty.

I will admit I might have just been scared away from the stuff by a highly intelligent Pharmacologist and consultant Anaesthetist but even to a thick engineer for the little I saw of the data its bloody nasty stuff to get the dosage right on and self administered via over the counter medicines its a bit of a Russian roulette in respect to accidently overdosing. Which if you do its either a liver transplant or death.
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