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AlisonCC - At 70, you've still got some mainspring movement left yet. Keep active, but don't punish yourself.
It's the quality of your life that you live that counts, not worrying about how many days are left before you part the veil.

Just been reading a railway book by a local bloke by the name of Ron Fitch. Ron was a West Australian Railways civil engineer who became Chief Engineer of the Commonwealth Railways, then Commissioner of the South Australian Railways.

Despite living a hard life for many years in outcamps along the railways, Ron is still in good form at 103, living in a self-care unit in a Masonic Retirement Home in Adelaide.
He acquired a PhD at the age of 92 - and wrote his biggest and most comprehensive railways book at age 99.
He was still lecturing on aged care at 100! Just goes to show you that the right mental attitude to advancing age is to keep active and interested in what's going on around you, and to never stop learning, and never ever be without a project.

This is Ron Fitch at 100 years of age in 2010.

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