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paracetamol dosage to be effective needs to be prescribed by someone that knows what they are doing.

I helped out a friend doing her Phd on it as a lab rat . And its dosage is quite sensitive to get a max effect but not overdose.

Most people that take it never overload the liver and for it to be any use. But its quite a fine band between beneficial and overdose with damage.

The dosage on me was upped on a series of weeks and tests and there was a tip point when it actually started working in the manner intended. This dosage to me seemed remarkably high. I am not going to give numbers because its all linked to body mass. But it was significantly different to the dosage on the retail packets.

She was definitely in the mind that it should be a prescribed drug.

I must admit I haven't taken it since those tests, but apart from prescribed post op pain killers I haven't take anything else either.
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