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misterblue, the post lesion pain can be a real pain for some patients.

We're not allowed to give specific advice on here, and of course, see the doc ame blah blah, but generally speaking, don't forget the simple stuff, paracetamol etc. Paracetamol is an extremely underrated drug, we use it very successfully in cancer care - the key is to get patients to have faith in it, and to use it regularly.

However, nerve pain often requires a different approach - the nerve pain agents, (amitriptyline, gabapentin etc) seem to work extremely well, but I'm guessing would mean a no no to flying. Having said that, would have thought uncontrolled pain would be a no no too, guess it's something you'll have to chat with your ame about.

I've heard that capsaicin cream (chilli) has been used, but I have no experience of it's use. I'm guessing it works by forming a counter irritant to the pain, 'bit like accupuncture and TENS. May be worth ago, certainly less invasive than the other agents.

Wishing you a speedy and uneventful recovery.
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