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A bakers dozen.

It is clearly apparent; every time matters aeronautical surface, the media don't feel the need to investigate or interrogate the powers that be; but, the miniscule is off to the Press Club bash. The BRB find this to be both diverting and amusing, considering the stories available from the festering pile of detritus parked under the arse of the incumbent miniscule and the total lack of investigative interest from the press ass ahole.

Anyway, we decided to make a list of the questions which Truss will not be asked by our lacklustre media. We have not, as yet, decided quite what prevents the press from ripping into Truss, considering the unholy mess the aviation safety system is in, now confirmed by Senate evidence, as it was in 2008, when Truss had the reigns. However, even without that famous keen Australian journalistic insight; just for PPRuNe fun, we propose some of those interesting little questions the miniscule seems to be able to duck, at will. Ribald answers will be tolerated during school holidays.

1) The - Nick Xenophon – remarks in response to the slippery, official nonsense reply to Pel Air raises a truckload of very serious, very real public safety questions. Would the miniscule care to respond to any of questions raised by the good Senator?

2) Can the miniscule justify signing off on the dismissive, nonsense-response to the damning Senate Pel Air inquiry which basically is insulting to both industry and the Senators?

3) Who suggested 'gazumping' the proposed the Senate inquiry into CASA and the unbelievable cock up made of the legislative reform process, by initiating the Wet Lettuce Review? Was the miniscule aware that this ultra cynical move would knobble the Senate before it had a chance to extend the good work done on Pel Air, slowly but surely exposing the depth and breadth of top level shenanigans?

4) Why, when and by whom was it decided that submissions to the Truss WLR were not to be published, as usual?

5) Why were submissions to the WLR not provided any sort of protection; would the miniscule care to provide a complete list of everyone who has accessed the submitted documents and be prepared to have that list publicly scrutinised?

6) Is the miniscule prepared to consider a judicial inquiry empowered to consider the many alleged travesties inflicted by CASA on industry, Tiger, Pel Air, Airtex, Polar, Barrier to name a few of the many companies; or Quadrio, Hempel, James etc. as 'individual' events?

7) How does the miniscule intend to re-establish operator control of their businesses and prevent the endless interference of 'officialdom' in operational matters like check lists, operating approvals, standards, instructing to name but a few of the endless list of CASA technical and operational incompetence's?

8) How does the miniscule propose to deal with the evidence provided by the Senate Pel Air committee and will he transparently define exactly how far the AFP investigation into the matters raised has progressed?

9) Miniscule, you are faced with a hostile, disillusioned, cynical industry, what measures and policy do you propose to gain some personal credibility, re-establish Australia as a world class aviation nation and repair the damage inflicted by the McComic years?

Miniscule, in your 2010 speech, (ref Sarcs above) you say "But perhaps the greatest source of concern arising from these bills is the lack of transparency in how the money will be used. The aviation industry understands, as do I, that aviation safety is a serious subject and that CASA needs to be adequately resourced to perform its duties. But these bills make no specification about how the $89.9 million estimated to be raised is to be spent by CASA. The combined second reading speeches on these two bills lasted for only 2 double-spaced pages so there was not much detail provided. Is it any wonder that the industry is concerned?"

10) Can you now explain, four years later, how it is that neither you or the industry is any further forward with regard to detailed CASA budgeting, or how AUD $89,000,000 was justified, the process by which it obtained, whether it was used effectively and how did industry benefit from providing their part of those monies?

In the same speech you say – "There are concerns about the way this funding is going to be used. We are told that there are going to be 97 additional employees in CASA as a result of this legislation. It is my understanding that the bulk of the excise increase, estimated at approximately $59.5 million, is to be spent on recruiting these 97 new staff. On rough calculations, that is about $600,000 per employee. I do not know how much safety inspectors get paid, but, even taking travel, superannuation and other ancillary costs into account, I am not sure why the cost of employing these staff reaches that sort of level. Both the aviation sector and the parliament are entitled to an explanation".

11) Could we have that explanation now, please?

In the same speech you say. "No key performance indicators or benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of the additional funding have been released. The government is responsible for ensuring that the aviation sector is effectively and efficiently regulated. This means ensuring that CASA is adequately resourced but it also means ensuring that any increase in the costs borne by the aviation industry is justified. They must be able to explain to those who have to pay the costs why it is necessary".

12) Could we have that explanation now, please?

13) Is the miniscule prepared to provide a time line and plan defining how and when he intends to grab both ATSB and CASA by the scruff of the neck and shake them into becoming the service to industry, so desperately needed and pays dearly for. Balls or a Junior minister, which one will you pick one?

I just can't fathom Australian journalists and aviation; even when they can be bothered to get off their collective arses, they either stuff it up completely or drag quotes out of some dreadful creature, like GT. I assume most journalists still have the basic intelligence required to get onto an aircraft. I'm just perplexed as to why they don't wonder about how and what is keeping them safe, Shirley that would be more interesting than some Polly getting caught in a cat house again (surprise, surprise); or some Muppet falling off a pushbike; or, another one found with a paw in the cookie jar; or, land rights for gay whales.

Aye well – I expect the miniscule's words will be digested along with the 'pudding' and meet the same sad end; no doubt the refreshments will assist in keeping moribund brains in the accustomed, comfortable, somnolent condition.

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