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Originally Posted by CONF iture View Post
Your lack of argumentation proves my point.
Thank you
Er, no it doesn't. It just means that I don't have any way to confirm whether your supposition is in fact correct, and frankly, neither do you.

Given that this thread started largely as a result of your requests, I have to say that regardless of what you think of me or my input, there are a significant number of qualified and knowledgeable people who have taken the time to sift through the data and attempt to provide answers to your technical questions - and I'm frankly staggered at your dismissive attitude towards them if the results don't fit your preconceived notions of what happened.

FCTM A320 OP-020. P 12/16
Got it - and you're playing fast-and-loose with context again.

You're quoting from the "Operational Recommendations" section, which includes the warning:

The PF must not deliberately fly the aircraft in alpha protection, except for brief periods, when maximum maneuvering speed is required.
Not only does the nature of the Habsheim flight fall outside the parameters of normal ops, thus rendering this particular section (which goes on to assume an airspeed of Vapp) somewhat irrelevant - but Asseline's handling of the aircraft after crossing the threshold completely contravenes that warning.

As HN39 has pointed out, in such circumstances "maximum lift" may not initially be a great deal.

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