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Originally Posted by Dozy
Yes - your inference and assumption that because he specifies 15 degrees, therefore it must be CONF FULL. What I said was that the actual config is not explicitly confirmed in the video or elsewhere - you may be right, but there's no definitive way to tell.
Your lack of argumentation proves my point.
Thank you

Which FCTM, which page? Can you provide more context? HAP mode is described in the FCTM I posted at the beginning of the thread as providing maximum aerodynamic lift, but the word "immediately" is not used.
FCTM A320 OP-020. P 12/16
In case of GPWS/SHEAR:
Set the thrust levers to TOGA
Pull the sidestick to full aft (For shear, fly the SRS, until full aft sidestick).
Initially maintain the wings level
This immediately provides maximum lift/maximum thrust/minimum drag. Therefore, CFIT escape maneuvers will be much more efficient.
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