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@ Doze

@roulis : That's not what's being said - the aircraft is protected from stall provided that the required features are operational. Without that, it definitely can stall - no-one on this thread has argued otherwise.
The AF447 was not in the "primary" control laws. And seems that the crew at Habsheim did something to avoid the "primary" laws for their slow, high AoA pass.

It appears that the Habsheim problem was not a flight control computer problem, and the jet did everything it was supposed to do. The AF447 accident showed that the jet can get into a stall if you "do it right". And we learned that in the Viper, after being assured you could not stall the jet. NOT! With a high pitch attitude you could run outta smash and overshoot the progrmmed "protections". Unlike the 'bus, we actually got into a "deep stall".

My feeling is we should let this thread go. It seems obvious that the crew screwed up and crashed a perfectly good jet into the trees.
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