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Originally Posted by HN39
The diagram you posted is a schematic illustration that alpha-max is just shy of alpha-CLmax.
Therefore Valphamax is not Vs1g.

Alpha-CLmax would define Vs1g for a conventional airplane, but not for a FBW airplane with a flight control system that is designed to prevent achieving and exceeding alpha-CLmax.
Actually the FCS is designed to achieve alpha max without exceeding it.
Nevertheless temporary overshoot could happen due to turbulence but without significant effect.
Also Gordon Corps demonstrated how temporary overshoots seem to actually take place and so without negative effect.

The diagram I posted is from the Airbus documentation and is applicable to their FBW airplanes.

So how would you demonstrate it in normal law in a certification flight test?
This is a question Airbus and/or the airworthiness authorities could answer.
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