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Is it because geese, like pilots, like to keep traffic on their left? I wonder if the ponds they land in are more likely to be left-hand circuits and if they have appropriate noise abatement & "dump" procedures. (I'm actually curious about his answer to the V formation leg thing.)
The question about one leg of a V formation of birds being longer than the other is usually asked by a Captain to a wet-behind-the-ears copilot after saying, "You know something about aerodynamics, right?"

The idea is to trigger a long reply about up-wash, down-wash, wing tip vortex shedding, flapping wing flight theory, complaint wing shapes, and other extended vocalization consisting mostly of BS. When the eager co-pilot finally runs out of wind, the Captain puts on his serious face and gives the answer: "It's because there are more geese on that side".

Captains invariably find this hilarious ................ copilots not so much.
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