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Harry pushes a particular wheelbarrow .. and that's fine .. his papers are worth reading for general pilot education.

One needs to keep in mind for civil line operations -

(a) Vmc is a problem at very low weights which are not the routine.

(b) beware of empty positioning flights and flights off very short runways where (a) becomes much more pertinent

(c) beware of the routine approach to airline simulator training where the low weight region rarely is investigated. Indeed, I can recall doing so with an operator which routinely used high V2 overspeed on the 732 .. the immediate results for crews so exposed was, shall we say, eyebrow-raising. However, we left them with a much better understanding and competence after a bit of explanation and practice ... I initiated this work specifically because, while using significant overspeed schedules routinely (and in the sim), they had one aerodrome on the network for which the aircraft routinely did a low weight positioning flight .. with min speed schedules.

The military, for reasons beyond me but, I guess, related to the perceived need to be able to play at the boundaries, tends, in my view, to have an unhealthy preoccupation with Vmc. I've frightened myself enough times to leave that region to the QTPs these days ..
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