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Were your attachment to become visible to me, I would not be too interested in what it shows. I have been on about BOEINGs, in particular B744. I have quoted from their certified Performance Limitations Manual figures extracted from the graphs therein.

Airbus may have an entirely different certification regime, I know not.

As I have said, I wonder how such speeds below Vs1g can ever be demonstrated, but there we have it - part of the certified data package. I also mentioned the PA44 which has Vmca below Vs1g under certain conditions and a prohibition on intentionally operating the aircraft below the "intentional single engine speed" as extracted from the graphs in the POH.

The bottom line for B744 is that Vmca is below Vs1g for all usable T/O weights. Vmca is also below Vmcg which can be a comfort with a V1 cut.
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