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Originally Posted by CONF iture
If Vs1g was Valphamax Airbus would not have called Vs1g "stalling speed".
Compared to the certification requirement, that is a lame argument. Vs1g is the official definition of "stalling speed" for this airplane, and it is obtained with the sidestick on the aft stop at the corresponding AoA. How would you define Valphamax?

Furthermore, in Bechet's simulator test, at about 6.8 seconds after moving the thrust levers forward, the AoA is 17.5 degrees and the airspeed is 116.5 kIAS. According to the FCOM, Vs1g is 109.5 kt at a weight of 59,000 kg, so 116.5 kt is 1.064 times Vs1g. The loadfactor at an AoA is proportional to airspeed-squared, and should be 1.064*1.064 = 1.13. That value is a perfect match with the loadfactor shown in the graph below, that is derived from the altitude trace (or the radius of the flight path) of the simulated flight.

In other words, Bechet's simulation confirms that Vs1g corresponds to alpha-max of 17.5 degrees at 1g.

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