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I have no recommendations regarding flight training organisations. However, I instructed, ferried and hustled around about and in and out of Florida for 5 years. August will be, for significant periods, horrible, weather wise. Early mornings will be fine, late morning will be building cb activity, afternoons will be a lot of severe t/s activity with the occasional water spout and tornado lurking around, late evenings it will calm down again. If you're really unlucky you might even get a hurricane.

Hurricane season ends in October and so does the heat and humidity. If you're lucky you might get some really good IMC training weather during the winter months. Low bases and billiard flat clouds at a few thousand feet with sunshine and blue skies above, excellent.

If it was me I would wait a few months.

My time there was in the late eighties and early nineties and I'm sure most things don't change. The schools are there to make money not to improve the quality of your life. Many are shady. If you are paying up front, beware, keep close tabs on the ground school attended, briefing time with instructors and your flight times. Make sure that the school know that you are watching them. I saw a lot of people get taken advantage of.

If at all possible get a recommendation from someone you trust.

After all of this negativity, for which I apologise, I hope you have a great experience and your ambitions, whatever they may be, are fulfilled.

Good luck.
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