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Horatio Leafblower
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Surely the AFAP would be interested in the shenanigans of the Broome operator (s)?
1/. Statistically, the newbie is probably from Mosman or Toorak and doesn't believe in unions

2/. If the newbie is a member, but is not employed by any flying organisation (as a pilot or otherwise), what business is it of the AFAP?

3/. Many is the newbie who arrives in remote town and finds the locals don't smell nice and their stuff has been stolen 3 times in the first week and it's all a bit lonely and I don't like it. So I'm leaving. It would be a pity to give this guy a job and have him slink off after 4 weeks.

4/. There are plenty of guys who take it all in their stride, become a part of the town they chose to target, learn the local businesses and people and tourist attractions, and get to know a few pilots as well. If I was a Chief Pilot I would be looking at these guys for my next recruit before I looked at the kid who just stepped off the burner from Sydney with brand new Aviators and a pile of resumes in his hand.
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