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Danger Will Robinson - Warning Warning!

Maybe MQ has already got in Forsyth’s ear and made a personal submission?? If not the WLR panel would do well to have a chat with MQ, regardless of whether he has an axe to grind with his former employer. He would certainly give a unique insight on the inner workings of FF and would know where many of the skeletons are buried…
MQ certainly does know where the skeletons are hidden, and then some! However if he is let loose there would be others within the GWM that would quickly reveal MQ's skeletons. Risky move. I quote Sunfish; "To put that another way", birds of a feather stick together, and many many dirty little secrets are buried beneath FF's worm farm. Careful what you dig for.

As for the CAsA/ATsBeaker MOU, Dr Voodoo was the creator of that little Frankenstein.
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