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Sign post to the future?

There are many so many salient points in the AAAA supplementary all worthy. They lead to some not so idle speculation and have the potential to cheer up the 'lighter' end of industry.

Firstly, there are indications that the 'sup' was requested; this is a good thing and probably true. The AAAA submission was 'sub tended' by many others, all with pretty much the same strong message. The 'sup' seems to be a natural extension and the first sign that the WLR is 'honest' and seeking real, strongly grounded answers for their report. It is now clearly apparent from the response to Pel Air that Truss and Co. will dilute and whitewash the issues until they become a shadowy spectre of the original intent. This means (to a honest review) that the report must be unequivocal with no escape paths. Tough job; but by citing AAAA as industry supported (which they bloody well should be) provides a corner stone for a comprehensive review. There are others, equally important which may, with luck close down some more of the 'wriggle' room.

Secondly, the 'sup' barely mentions 'regulatory' changes but defines sections of the Act which are in dire need of reform. Here again with practical, theoretical, legal and political savvy, the AAAA build a strong platform for meaningful reform. I'd like to think that a new Act would pave the way for adopting (with some changes) the NZ or USA regulations. It makes sense (to me at least), getting our Act together promotes the notion of adopting a sane, proven, ICAO compliant rule set. This could be speedily and economically achieved; much to everyone's relief and benefit.

Thirdly, if Truss is to accept and action the recommendations of "his" carefully selected, experienced, qualified team and expensive, time consuming review; he will need to select a DAS with proven track record of effecting change (actually doing, not just talking 'it' up), in the face of strong GWM resistance. One with a demonstrated ability to achieve 'true' ICAO compliance, a natural leader with understanding of and experienced in Australian industry. Despite the many claims (and I hear some risible applications) to the throne, in reality there are very few would could actually see the job through to a successful outcome. I can think of just three who would be capable; who could build and lead a reform support team.

The big IF is will Truss man up? It's a big, tough dirty job for someone; but, in reality all Truss has to do is sign off. No requirement for his Lilly white hands to get dirty, no heavy lifting, no blood letting. Reward, a footnote in history to remind future generations that W. Truss Esq. was the man responsible for a major renaissance in the Australian aviation industry. Not a bad epitaph really.

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