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Here here
12 recommended amendments to the Civil Aviation Act 1988.
Replacement of the current Board with a reformed structure; or
Bringing CASA back under the Department of Infrastructure as a responsible departmental agency of the Department in a similar manner to other Department of Infrastructure agencies;
Regulatory reform moved to the Department of Infrastructure;
Safety promotion moved to ATSB; and
An ongoing economic and efficiency review to reduce the “waste, inefficiency and increasing costs imposed on industry [which] are tolerated by CASA because it has no incentive to reform itself.”
The Ag boys and gals have really got the old finger on the pulse. I agree with all the above. Particularly the reference to removing the Board. They should all go, lock, stock and smoking barrel. Truss increasing the number by 2 is a joke. The current Board needs to have their trough privileges removed and be shown the door, pronto. If anything, a new Board not comprising of career bureaucrats, Miniscule bodyguards and spin doctors. Send Chairman Hawke and friends to Comcare, somewhere like that, and take Dolan from the ATSB with you. Comcare has lots of juicy rabbit holes, senior bureaucrats and pots of money to protect. Aviation SAFETY holds no place for people like you. As for the other CASA executives they should be tar and feathered and handed to the IOS!
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