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'tis bizarre and passing strange M'lud.

"An additional interview and background checks were completed on Mr Wickham by a new panel made up of (Acting Manager General Aviation GA Field Office Sydney) and (Recruitment Consultant) to assess Mr Wickham for the FOI position. A report was submitted and following approval by the delegate an offer was made to Mr Wickham". (my bold).
Sunny, it gets even more 'peculiar' just a little way under the mirrored surface, there appear to be some very strange going's on in certain offices. Oh to open up the WLR terms of reference; invoke parliamentary privilege, sit back and listen. There are some questions of a tricky nature which demand answers and it's always interesting to listen to the answers. There are, in one office alone, four ground floor 'hiring's' and one firing which IMO need to be examined; in depth, preferably by the AFP (only for the sake of impartiality). Then the informed questioner could look further up the ladder at the snakes residing on the second level. Whether it be publicly or clandestinely managed, the new DAS must do some housekeeping, this with the full cooperation of and support from both ministerial managers and the board.

House keeping needs to address several areas; potential criminal acts, potential corrupt acts working slowly through negligence, incompetence and pure, old fashioned laziness. This is not for the benefit of the 'public', but for that of the board and of the miniscule. Look at how much crap Sinodinos landed in; tricky business this sitting back, being bored and taking the loot. These folk are, after all paid to be the place where the buck stops.

Whoever gets the DAS Guernsey will need to hit the ground running – assuming of course, the intention is clean up CASA and thereby regain industry confidence, cooperation and assistance by doing so.

On the lighter side, there is now a competition where you can showcase your skills and promote the benefits of training your very own personal, preferred pet. So, just for a laugh.

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