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FF Wickham AQON & still quite 'bizarre' Bryan??

For Kharon & 004's benefit :
CASA08: Recruitment of John Wickham to CASA
Hansard: p.52

Senator NASH: Also, just regarding Mr Wickham and his appointment to CASA, could
youagain on notice, if you would not mindprovide for the committee how many
applicants there were for that position and who was on the selection panel? I think, as the
chair has raised, it looks extremely odd that CASA would employ the chief pilot from Pel-Air
while ATSB was currently conducting the investigation around the report. It is very, very
strange. So if you could take on notice for us the applicants and who was on the selection

Mr McCormick: Certainly, Senator.

Mr Wickham originally applied for a position as a Flight Training Examiner in August 2010.
That recruitment process involved 9 applicants, 4 of whom were interviewed. The panel
consisted of (Manager Flying Standards), (Team Leader
Flight Training) and , (Team Leader Administration).

In October 2010 Mr Wickham was selected as the second ranked candidate and placed on a
merit list for future vacancies. The preferred applicant for the Flight Training Examiner
subsequently withdrew and Mr Wickham was then offered the role. He elected to continue
with the Flying Operations Inspector (FOI) application as outlined below.

When a vacancy for a FOI arose in June 2010, a review of candidates available from a merit
lists was conducted and Mr Wickham was identified as meeting all the mandatory
qualifications for an FOI position in December 2010. An additional interview and
background checks were completed on Mr Wickham by a new panel made up of
(Acting Manager General Aviation GA Field Office Sydney) and
(Recruitment Consultant) to assess Mr Wickham for the FOI position. A report was
submitted and following approval by the delegate an offer was made to Mr Wickham in late
January 2011. He commenced in CASA on February 2011.

Both Flight Training Examiner and Flying Operations Inspector positions have similar
mandatory and desirable criteria including holding a current Air Transport Pilot (Aeroplane)
and Commercial Pilot (Aeroplane) Licences, a Command (Multi Engine Aeroplane)
Instrument Rating, a current Class 1 Medical certificate and to hold or have held Approved
Testing Officer delegations, Grade 1 Flight Instructor Rating, Chief Pilot and/or Chief Flying
Instructor approval and have had extensive training and checking experience. Mr Wickham
met or exceeded these criteria.
Plus the PelAir desktop AQON from Senator Nash..
CASA 09: Desktop work by Mr John Wickham
Hansard: p.36

Senator NASH: Could you clarify what the desktop work was that Mr Wickham was doing
on Pel-Air and when that was?

Mr McCormick: Could you give us a couple of minutes to look for that, Senator.

On 11 November 2011 Mr Wickham participated as an observer for an assessment of a Pel-
Air check pilot to gain approval to conduct Emergency Procedures Checks under the Civil
Aviation Orders. The task was conducted by a CASA senior Flying Operations Inspector
(FOI) and was necessary as part of Mr Wickham’s development for the FOI role. There was
no other work conducted on Pel-Air by Mr Wickham.
While on the subject of PelAir the following is a copy of Mr Aherne's oral evidence given at the Senate AAI inquiry hearing 22/10/12, "In your view!":

[YOUTUBE]Senate AAI inquiry hearing 22/10/12 - Bryan Aherne Part 1 - YouTube



Funny how nothing has changed and things are indeed still 'bizarre'!

Perhaps the miniscule & Mr Forsyth would do well to refer to Bryan for an unadulterated aviation expert version/opinion (take) on the PelAir shenanigans...

Hmm wonder if Bryan has made a WLR submission..

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