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Phase 1 first drills.

004 – [who] conducted the interviews and then signed off on his hiring, who all the applicants were, etc etc. Indeed, another potentially 'untidy' CAsA shenanigans". etc...
If you can't get access, you can't get in to tidy up; Phase 1 = access. The team led by someone who forensically knows the intricacies of the 'system'; where the skeletons are buried and how to dig 'em up. Phase 2 – armed with unimpeachable evidence, prosecute those who have knowingly, with intent broken the rules. Phase 3: tidy up what's left.

Because when you start to add it all up it's hard to see how the miniscule can (dare) to sign off on yet another whitewash document, like the response to Senate. Pragmatically, it is impossible for any miniscule to publicly acknowledge that the loonies have been running the asylum, fair enough, we can live with that; but the miniscule must, in one form or another 'brief' the new DAS, simple statement; "do some house keeping and report directly to me". We have regrettably passed that happy age where heads were placed on spikes in public view; but that's just window dressing. In the modern PC age, we need to hear lot's of "spending more time with family"; or, "having served faithfully for 40 years, Old Faithful is retiring" (I'd even pay for the gold watches); that way the mill pond surface is not disturbed. But it needs to be done and tout de suit, (the tooter the sweeter).

Reading through the 'subtext' of politician statements (Cheers Sarcs)

The government “as a matter of urgency” should consult with industry and other relevant bodies to formulate terms of reference for a “comprehensive review of Australia’s aviation sector”, the committee said.
They know industry is in a hell of a state: they have had a glimpse through the keyhole of Pel Air, that rocked them. Hopefully, through the partly cleaned window provided by the Reverent Forsyth' s camera obscura, a much better view of the underlying problems. Time to kick open the door methinks. But be warned, it will startle the horses and make the ladies swoon; it's not pretty in there.

If there is insufficient 'evidence' to promote a no holds barred inquiry; I am certain that the Senate committee could be provided with an avalanche of documents; within a working week of a request being made. One of the more interesting 'reads' would be the 'hired, fired and resigned' chapter. There are some strange tales, but true in that one. Parliamentary privilege through a Senate inquiry is all we need and even the miniscule cannot prevent that. Bring it on, I say.

Sarcs, out of interest, did Fort Fumble end up providing the QON detail regarding CAsA's hiring of the Pel Air CP?
Bloody good question ?????? the sanitised answer would do; there has been some interesting hiring and firing done in certain offices.

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