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Time to tidy up

Sarcs, I'm still laughing
It seems Terry's memory was very 'untidy', until of course Sen Heff pulled out a little reminder. Perhaps Alzheimer's is affecting the A380 endorsed grey nomad?
And as usual Mr Boyd looked rather miffed at the level of questions being asked, and naturally couldn't answer the 'untidy' question either! Maybe they can't answer the question because they have all been too busy in Montreal to know the answer?
And did anybody notice that Hoody was the only one of the six to still sprout a robust head of hair, even though it had been trimmed somewhat?

Sarcs, out of interest, did Fort Fumble end up providing the QON detail regarding CAsA's hiring of the Pel Air CP? Would have been great to see if the position was advertised, who conducted the interviews and then signed off on his hiring, who all the applicants were, etc etc. Indeed, another potentially 'untidy' CAsA shenanigan
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